Our Tale

The Spark

We’ll keep the origin story mumbo-jumbo pretty short with ya. In Spring 2018, a few Eagle River locals found themselves on a 3-day banger in the backcountry. Constantly using the phrase “Ak Roamin!” anytime one another would gripe about the miles they were eating. At first we thought it was just a funny saying to motivate each other to push further, until the whole crew was Chirpin “Ak Roam!” anytime we were out on the trail or gearing up for the next trip. It was absolutely bonkers!

Who we are now

 We threw a logo together slapped um on 25 T-shirts and started tossing um out to our buds. To our surprise, they were beyond stoked! 

We cooked up our first batch of 100 hoodies and started selling them to friends and family out of the rents garage, (which caused a hefty heating bill in the winter by the way). Using only social media and word of mouth, Not long after we had gained 18,000 followers on TikTok and still growing on Instagram. We managed to gain multiple celebrity endorsements allowing us to ship products to nearly every big town and city in Alaska and beyond.

If you don't send
you'll never know

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